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ICE Technologies introduces scanning technology

ICE Technologies is introducing a series of desktop lamp scanners that are smart, versatile and easy to use.

CZUR is the worldís first scanner to digitize a book of 300 pages in less than 10 minutes while maintaining high quality imaging.

For decades, document scanning technology has remained pretty much the same. Using a scanner to digitize a book or bound document was a time consuming and difficult task. The Czur Document scanner can scan as easily as flipping the pages of a book.

Czur Book Scanner is a typical scanner, lacking a flatbed and a document feeder. With its scan unit residing on a beam extending well above the scanning area, it looks rather like a desktop lamp. Czur is fast and inexpensive for a book scanner, and offers the added bonus of working with a variety of other materials. The scanner can be used to digitize text and designs on materials such as fabric and ola leaves making it ideal for archiving indigenous knowledge.

Original JBL portables from Abans

The current market is saturated with many fake products and JBL speakers are one of the main items that can be seen in several places. Itís important to check the authenticity of any product you purchase to avoid unnecessary hassle and wastage after buying.
The packaging of an authentic JBL is high in quality to ensure that the product is safe from tampering, mishandling and product exchange. Taking a closer look at the packaging, the print contrast and quality of the print on the genuine portable box is superiorto the counterfeit.

The authentic box is constructed out of a high quality hard cardboard flap-packaging without a sleeve, whereas a counterfeit box will feature a sleeve cover. You can see detailed textured printing on the original packagingas well asa serial number, bar code stickers, brand fine print plus compliance icons while counterfeit packaging will have no such detailing. Inside the authentic box flap, lifestyle imagery and brand detailing are clearly visible.

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CEAT donates Rs 10 mn. equipment to institutions fighting COVID-19

CEAT Kelani Holdings has made a series of donations of equipment and consumables essential to the continuing battle against the spread of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka, supporting key state institutions to sustain their efforts even as the country manages its return to relative normality.

Donations exceeding Rs 10 million in value were presented by Sri Lankaís leading tyre manufacturer to six institutions Ė the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Ministry of Health, Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital and its Postgraduate Medical Training Centre, Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children, Badulla General Hospital and the Sri Lanka Police.

The items donated included a transport ventilator, two infusion pumps, a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, two suction apparatus units, a bed pan washer, reusable as well as disposable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), reusable Personal Protection Overalls, Face Shields, PCR Test Kits, RNA Extraction Kits, and Viral Transport Media.

The Company also assisted the National Institute of Infectious Diseases with a new air conditioner unit, a new ceiling and electrical repair work, and donated packs of rations to the Police.

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